Community Partnerships

Thank you for your partnership in bringing health to our community

Destiny Community Center

In 2016, we debuted the new Destiny Community Center. For the first time, families of Placer County now had one place to go to meet the needs of their entire family. In 2017 we launched five departments: Family, Education, Arts, Fitness, and Community. Each department is intentionally designed to bring health and restoration to the families of our community.


We can’t do what we do without the efforts and help from individuals like you. Join us as we offer the community programs and assistance.


Non-Profits are at the heart of our mission: selfless devotion to the community and its causes. Partner with us as we impact our community, together.


We are dedicated to working with the businesses in the region to help develop programs that enhance the families in the community.

Government Officials

We want to partner with government officials and agencies to create the biggest impact we can on our community. We are all in this together. Be the change.
Art Programs
Community Events
Outreach Staffing
Center Programs
Educational Services
Family Services

Your partnership helps fund critical programs, services, and events.

We have hundreds of art programs, classes, and events that are open to the Community through the Destiny Community Center.

Our Community Outreach events like Celebrate America, Backpack Giveaway, Block Parties, and Christmas Outreach depend on your partnership.

We’ve partnered with over 22 local schools to provide programs, resources, and after-school clubs to promote emotional and physical well being.

We host over 3,722 workshops and classes at our Destiny Community Center in the area of Family, Education, Fitness, and Arts.

What They’re Saying

“Love is finding a need and filling it. It is caring for one another and serving each other.”


“Love is all about unconditionally caring for people and lifting them up when they need it, regardless of background.”


Sponsorship Levels

Chairman's Circle

$ 25,000

Per Year

Director's Circle

$ 15,000

Per Year

Community Circle

$ 5,000

Per Year

Destiny Circle

$ 1,000

Per Year

We have some amazing sponsors and partners at Love Our City.