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Summer Programs

Swinging Into Summer

A Summer Reading Program

We're hitting the ball out of the park with various reading challenges to keep students motivated! As your student completes their baseball-themed reading challenges, they'll earn points to enter them into a prize raffle that includes FREE RIVERCATS TICKETS and more! While visiting the Learning Center regularly is not required, this option includes a 2-hour drop-in window of time every other Monday. Students who wish to participate in the prize raffle are only entered every two weeks if they stop by during our drop-in sessions.

Public Speaking

June 17th & 18th

Students will learn three key aspects of public speaking: a well-written speech, strong presentation skills, and the art of subtle persuasion. This SB is designed to build a foundation of confidence in every student. Regardless of what skill level they start sessions with, each student will receive help identifying their unique strengths and incorporate them in their own speech. While no student will be forced to participate at all times, every student will be encouraged to present their speech in front of a 20-person audience (made up of students and teachers from their sessions).


June 19th & 20th

Students will learn foundational journalism skills like conducting a successful interview, gathering factual information, and writing an intriguing article without slanting the truth. This SB is designed to teach both writing and interpersonal skills to all students, especially those with an interest in journalism or newspaper editing. While no student will be forced to participate at all times, every student will have the opportunity to contribute their article to a mock Destiny Newspaper, featuring articles by other students and teachers from their sessions.

Online Read-a-Palooza

Reading Challenge

In partnership with the Scholastic Read-A-Palooza Summer Reading Challenge, students enrolled will have access to fun, reading-based activities to keep them engaged in reading all summer long! Through the online Scholastic platform, students will be challenged to log their ``minutes read`` to count towards our group's total and earn prizes for themselves. This option is great for families who find it difficult to come to the Learning Center regularly, and those with internet access at home.

Homework Assistance

The goal of our Homework Assistance program is to support 1st – 12th grade students in completing their nightly homework assignments. Our tutoring team is present to help keep students on task, keep learning fun, and answer any questions they may have. _Specialized tutoring and intervention are not available on-site, however, we do have referrals available if you feel your child needs extra learning assistance.

Registration for our fall semester is now open!”

Monday through Thursday between 3:30 pm- 6:00pm.
Each session is 30 MINUTES in length
Students may register for no more than TWO sessions per day, but are welcome to attend multiple days a week.