Moments + Legacy

In October 2014, Pastor Greg and Kathy began to desire and believe for more in their community. They envisioned a space in the community that would be a haven for people of all walks of life, faith, and cultures. A place that would provide healing to all people and families in need, healing in mind, body, soul, and spirit. This desire for our city birthed a partnership with the City of Rocklin and surrounding organizations to impact and influence change within our community – leading them to opening the Destiny Community Center, the first-of-its-kind model of serving our city in a holistic and impactful way. With a step of faith and help from local donors and the church body, they trans- formed a 63,000 sq ft building into a place of impact and growth. Through this we can invest in our families, our students, and our communities.


Greg + Kathy Fairrington

CEO + founders, Destiny Community Services