Destiny Performing Arts Spring Semester

Art opens the mind to confidence.

Creativity is essential to learning

Our DPA Classic program offers students a way to experience the arts across several different mediums. From dance to acting to painting there is something for everyone.

Art and Creativity

We offer a variety of classes to build up a child's creative skills. From creative games, to painting projects students will get to experience multiple expressions of creativity.

Theatre Arts

Our theatre classes offer students the opportunity to build up their acting and auditioning skills as well as the chance to participate in a full scale musical production!


DPA offers a variety of dances classes for all levels. From jazz, to ballet to hip-hop, students have the opportunity to increase their dancing technique while becoming a well rounded dancer.

Vocal Performance

Students have the chance to grow their skills in choir as well as one on one personal vocal training.


We offer Pom and Cheer classes where students will learn the basic moves as well as cheer routines.


We offer sewing as various levels to allow students to learn the basics and grow their skills in sewing and textile arts.